Assessing & Testing Mold

Mold Assessment & Testing

In a dark and moist environment, mold can surface anywhere. That includes your basement, crawl space or HVAC system. To learn if there is mold in your home, let us uncover the truth with accurate testing & assessments.

Indoor Air Quality & Testing

Indoor Air Quality & Testing

An air quality test identifies whether particles of mold spores, asbestos, VOCs, pollen and other allergens are floating in your indoor air. We offer multiple air quality test options to determine if mold is present in your property.

Testing Water

Water Testing

Before starting remediation procedures, you must have a certified mold assessor provide an unbiased assessment of the situation. Through testing of your water, we can determine if your property has mold.

testing radon

Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless gas that is the No. 2 cause of lung cancer in America. It occurs from the natural breakdown of uranium and the only way to detect it is with proper testing by KD Environmental Consulting Services.

KD Environmental Consulting Services

Mold growth and radon gas are significant threats to the health of your home and its residents that are easy to overlook. Both occur naturally and are among the environmental threats that can be alleviated with proper testing by KD Environmental Consulting Services.

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